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BTU-Submetering Feasibility & Rollout Support

Get an accurate measure of how much energy you are consuming & get better idea as to where your money may be going


In areas where district cooling is available, the chilled water is provided by a District Cooling Operator to buildings. When no chilled water submetering infrastructure is present, the owner absorbs the full building cooling consumption cost & then distribute it among the tenants in a form of a service charge based on the unit floor area rather than on their actual consumption.

What is BTU Submetering ?

This is the process of installing metering devices to measure real-time production of supplied chilled water in the building

Why does it help ?

It acts an essential component of a client’s billing & billing cycle. It allows customers to monitor their consumption & detect issues within their HVAC system

Reducing Cost

Increasing energy costs are frequently the largest variable expense for facilities. The installation of sub-meters provides a return on capital investment to the Developer/Owner Association and the Residents through the savings that resulted from the system


With detailed and accurate bills, Residents have higher visibility into charges and fewer questions. Providers can extend the service to collection of payment on behalf of the developer/owners

Utility Billing

Provide billing charges based on data analysis of actual meter readings for specific energy usage. The information is examined prior to generating an invoice, which allows to save time and reduce the errors associated with manually reading and entering usage data.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
Pre-tendering Preps and project scoping
Expression of Interest and RFP
Tender Management, Vendor Selection and Contract
Implementation Supervision
Clear Cost Transparency & Reduction
Removal of the conventional billing & collection system
Immediate detection & remediation of faulty HVAC System

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Energy Transition Services

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Energy Transition Services

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