Linking M&V, or Energy Efficiency, with Digitalization​

See how digitalization & energy efficiency practices are in pure synergy & complement each other

The Synergy of Digitalization and Energy Efficiency​

The synergy of digitalization and energy efficiency exists as they complement each other through the collection of data before and after the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Digitalization has the potential to increase energy efficiency through the collection and analysis of data using various sensors and technologies.

Digital Data Collection Technologies​

Smart meters, sensors, and other data collection technologies are employed on-site to gather data on energy consumption and factors influencing it. This data can be transformed into valuable information, including simulations and algorithms, which can support and enhance the energy efficiency measures.

Digital Transformation in Measurement and Verification​

Digital transformation has played a pivotal role in the measurement and verification (M&V) process.

Ensuring Energy Efficiency with M&V​

To ensure that energy efficiency measures meet the clients’ requirements, the implementation of a Measurement and Verification (M&V) process is essential. This process consists of a set of procedures and principles for designing, tracking, and analyzing data to verify and report on the energy savings resulting from implementing an Energy Efficiency Measure (EEM).

Leveraging Data Analytics and Digital Technology​

By harnessing data analytics, digital technology, and overall system digitalization, the collection of data for pre- and post-energy efficiency measure periods can aid in justifying the energy savings and provide a comprehensive visual aid.

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