BTU Sub-metering & Customer Awareness

BTU submetering creates a distributed, accurate & fair representation of energy consumption & billing

The Role of Submetering

One of the most significant challenges faced today is influencing customer or client behavior regarding energy consumption. This challenge primarily stems from a lack of data, guidance on managing that data, and awareness of the financial and environmental consequences of improper energy consumption. Additionally, building owners typically follow a conventional infrastructure model where they cover the entire energy consumption costs and distribute them to tenants through a service charge based on per unit area. The ideal solution to address this issue is the concept of submetering.

BTU Submetering Solution

Submetering creates an effective solution to monitor and improve energy consumption on key assets while providing an accurate measure of data on the consumption. Such data is provided on a routine basis and offers a digitized view of energy consumption. For BTU Submetering & metering, this is used in central air-conditioned systems employing chilled water systems to measure the thermal energy produced or consumed. BTU Submeters provide an ideal solution to address the issue, creating a clearer image of exact energy consumption and enabling accurate billing for energy consumed. It can rationalize cooling energy consumption, allocate cooling costs accurately, and reduce delays in service charge collection. Additionally, it allows for better handling of issues that may arise in any HVAC system that is properly sub metered. According to Ark Energy’s experience, buildings that are properly sub-metered typically save around 10% on their energy costs from chilled water providers.


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