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Energy Efficiency Retrofit of an Iconic Multi-Use Building in DIFC

Our technical team services diverted around 3 million AED worth of penaltiess and resulting in annual saving of that said amount

Background Story

The building is recognized as one of the most iconic structures in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is an 80-story skyscraper located in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and is a mixed-use building designed for offices, residential, and retail purposes. Given the condition and capacity of the tower at the time, there was an opportunity for significant improvements through the integration of advanced, contemporary technologies and upgrades to the current equipment and systems.

With the goal of reducing their overall energy consumption, the client contacted Ark Energy to implement an Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program, as well as Delta-T Rehabilitation. The objective of this program is to reduce the client’s energy consumption, lower their operational costs, eliminate Delta-T surcharges, and digitize their energy management through our platform, arkEMIS.


From the conducted investigations, several sources of problematic energy consumption were identified. Firstly, the building’s chilled water network required a few enhancements. These modifications would involve optimizing the control of pump speed, improving the fresh air exchange rate of the existing Fresh Air Handling Units, and replacing the existing direct expansion air conditioning system (DX Units) with more efficient units.

In addition, the tower’s Building Management System (BMS) was found to be out of tune and in need of certain enhancements. These enhancements would include modifications in monitoring and controlling energy-consuming equipment, as well as providing access to override commands for building personnel. Furthermore, the electrical meters in use were not synchronized with a comprehensive energy management system, as they did not meet the minimum threshold.

Main Objective

As previously stated, the overarching goal of the program is to reduce the client’s energy consumption, lower their overall operational costs, eliminate their Delta-T surcharges, and digitize their energy management through our platform, arkEMIS. The data collected and analyzed over the past 12 months revealed clear figures indicating the specific sources of energy consumption aggregation. As shown in the figures below, the majority of the energy cost in 2018 amounted to 15.1 million AED. Within these costs, the tower incurred annual Delta-T surcharges of 2.63 million AED:

Figure 01

The monthly energy cost & cost distribution within the tower over the span of 12 months covering 2018 & 2019 (Values are in ,000 AED)

Figure 02

The percentage distribution of the energy cost in question


As the client’s consultant, Ark Energy provided the following implementations to achieve the main objectives of this project and address the specific sources of energy consumption:

  1. An Energy Control & Management System (ECMS) was implemented to complement the tower’s BMS so that it utilizes pre-defined algorithms and artificial intelligence to allow better control of the HVAC equipment. Such a system will aid in maintaining optimal indoor thermal comfort for the occupants
  2. New meters were installed to provide better details on the tower’s energy performance by providing real-time energy consumption monitoring and historical trending
  3. The tower’s chilled water network has undergone upgrades which include the following:
  • The installation of new DPT sensors
  • The replacement of faulty valves with smart energy valves on main branches and coils
  • Re-programing pumps to operate based on the information received from the smart valves


The results that were generated from the project include the following:

  • 2.83 Million AED Saved Annually
  • 36% Reduction in Energy Consumption
  • 1.6 Years in Full payback period
  • 1,860 Tons of CO2 Emissions avoided per year
  • Digitalization of Energy Management (arkEMIS) with an AI-Enabled Asset Management System
  • Improved standards of comfort

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