Energy Export Regulations

Get a better overview on the current & existing energy export regulations that are being used with regards to renewable energy

Unleashing Renewable Potential

The concept of Energy Export is simply the export of excess energy generated from Renewable Energy Plants to the local grid. In most energy export schemes, these are a function of the current rules & regulations present within the project’s hosting country or from the local grid operator. While there are certain restrictions towards the amount of exported energy to prevent power surges that damage electrical components, most countries or grid operators have established an infrastructure that allows them to handle certain amounts of energy exports (SMA, 2022) (Solar Secure, 2022). Different export schemes include Net-Metering and Wheeling.

Energizing Insights: Net Metering and Wheeling

Net Metering is defined as the metering and billing plan that allows system owners to be compensated for any generation exported to the grid. When systems generate excess energy during off-peak hours, this energy can be transferred to the grid, and depending on the policies and regulations within the government, the exported energy can be compensated. This compensation reflects in the next billing cycle of the energy generation system owner. On the other hand, Wheeling is defined as the transmission of electricity from the energy-generating asset to another asset on the grid. This allows users to utilize excess energy generated from the alternative energy project while maintaining the ability to offset their consumption from the grid (Myers, Fletcher & Gordon, 2015). The choice of which transmission plan to use is a function of project and regulatory constraints. Below are pictographic representations of both transmission agreements.

Figure 01

Representation of Net Metering and example of benefits

Figure 02

Representation of Wheeling and example of benefits


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