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Recommissioning of a Residential Building in Dubai Marina​

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Background Story

The Client owns a 43-storey residential building located at Dubai Marina, Dubai which comprises of mixed two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments as well as penthouses. The building has been subject to an energy retrofit project with 1 mAED worth of energy savings a year. The ESCO, however, has handed over the building with lack of any handover documents such as T&C reports, as-built drawings, and O&M manual. The client wants to ensure that the building can achieve savings through a smooth transition of control of the energy conservation measures.​

The Client have engaged Ark Energy to ensure a propre handover by the ESCO, optimize the existing building system functionality, identify and implement O&M improvements, and train building O&M and FM staff to operate building assets according to fit for purpose operating procedures.


During the project, post data collection, one issue that required clarification was the Chiller Management System (CMS) sequence of operation. In some cases, two chillers were operating even though one chiller could have taken the load.

Moreover, the condenser temperature setpoint did not align with the dew point temperature in Dubai. In addition, the chiller plant was suffering from operational and maintenance issues, such as excessive water consumption, indoor air quality and comfort complaints, and malfunctioning cooling towers. ​

Figure 01

Chiller Operation per the BMS data collected representing the current situation faced by the client

Main Objective

The client, post their commissioning activity, requested for Ark Energy to conduct a recommissioning activity on behalf of the client. After collecting the necessary data and interviewing the facility management team, Ark Energy team developed a recommissioning plan to improve and optimize the building’s operation and maintenance (O&M) and maximize the HVAC system’s functionality.

The central chiller plant was the subject of the Re-commissioning investigation. In general, the Re-commissioning effort focused on the following equipment:

  • Chillers
  • Control Devices
  • Cooling Towers
  • Primary & Secondary Pumps
  • Main Air-handling units
  • Sensors and actuators installed on the primary and secondary chiller loops


Ark Energy team have conducted Re-commissioning services on the central chiller plant systems which included:

  • Review existing control sequences, set points, and trends
  • Develop and perform functional testing procedures on selected HVAC equipment
  • Develop a corrective action plan (CAP)
  • Assist Owner in implementing CAP
  • Perform follow up functional testing of systems after repair and provide functional test summary
  • Develop commissioning report containing functional test results, additional standardized functional test procedures and recommendations for additional enhancements


The results that were generated from the project include the following:

  • Increase in Energy savings
  • Reduction in O&M expenditures
  • Better thermal comfort and indoor air quality
  • Improved HVAC controls and monitoring

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