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Solar Proposal for a Water Bottler Manufacturing Company

Have a look at our proposal structure that guarantees that the project would result in a saving of 720,000 USD annually & 30% energy consumption reduction

Background Story

A water bottle manufacturing company in Lebanon currently relies on a Diesel Genset for all its power demand requirements. They operate the Gensets to meet their annual consumption of 8MWh, resulting in an annual cost of 2 million USD. The client has approached Ark Energy to reduce their dependence on the Diesel Genset by implementing a Hybrid Solar-Diesel plant. Due to the available space and existing limitations, the client has the capacity to install a 1.4 to 1.5 MWp Solar PV Plant on their facility’s existing rooftop.


Several challenges arose during the project. The client heavily relied on gensets due to the country’s instability and frequent utility company issues, leading to blackouts exceeding 5 to 8 hours per day. Additionally, the gensets operated inefficiently, with newer technologies offering similar energy output with minimal diesel input.

Beyond technical challenges, financial constraints surfaced. The client sought a third-party investor to contribute to the project’s development, with stringent criteria set for investor selection. This was crucial as the client, while supportive of the initiative, couldn’t bear the financial burden independently.

Main Objective

In terms of hierarchical importance, the primary objective was to secure the most suitable investor, aligning with the client’s criteria, and implement the Solar PV plant to diminish reliance on the Diesel Genset. The analysis indicates that the optimal solution lies in the utilization of the Solar PV Plant system, providing the following anticipated outcomes:

Figure 01

The expected monthly energy consumption post integration of the Solar PV Plant in MWh


As Ark Energy, the client’s consultant, we adeptly navigate challenges and execute a twelve-step structured approach. This ensures securing the optimal tariff rate and implementing a Solar PV system that surpasses the lifespan of a Solar Leasing Contract. We successfully secured a third-party investor to fund the development of the solar PV system and enhance the efficiency of the generator sets through a leasing (PPA) agreement. Under this agreement, the client pays for both solar power and generator power utilized throughout the contract term.

Figure 02

The client’s energy resource split, post integration of the Solar PV Plant


The results that were generated from the project include the following:

  • 720,000 USD Saved Annually
  • 30% Reduction in Energy Consumption
  • 2,402 Tons of CO2 Emissions avoided per year

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