The Importance of Commissioning & Re-Commissioning

Recognizing the Significance of Performing Commissioning and Recommissioning Activities.

Navigating Commissioning and Recommissioning Processes

The commissioning process is a systematic and quality-focused activity that prioritizes the verification and documentation of the facility’s components, systems, and assemblies. This ensures that they are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained in accordance with the owner’s project requirements. Recommissioning, on the other hand, involves repeating the steps of the commissioning process for a project that has previously undergone commissioning. While various commissioning activities may be applicable in different case scenarios, the primary focus remains on ensuring thorough and effective commissioning and recommissioning activities, as detailed in Table 1.

Table 01

Types of commissioning activities involves for different building scenarios

Maximizing Building Performance: Recommissioning and Commissioning Benefits

Recommissioning is a crucial post-construction activity typically scheduled 5 to 7 years after the initial commissioning date. Indicators prompting recommissioning may include a range of electro-mechanical inefficiencies and elevated utility costs. If left unaddressed, these inefficiencies can cascade into other systems, potentially leading to more significant issues later on. Signs signaling the need for recommissioning encompass experiences of cold drafts, equipment operating beyond necessary levels, thermal challenges, lighting irregularities, poor indoor air quality, and diminished occupant well-being.

The benefits associated with both commissioning and recommissioning processes are extensive, with the primary incentive being the energy savings achieved through these activities. A well-executed commissioning and recommissioning plan ensures that all building/facility components align with the client’s requirements, sustains equipment longevity, optimizes component usage, enhances occupant health and productivity, and ensures optimal indoor air quality. Additionally, engaging in commissioning and recommissioning activities is a crucial step for earning points in LEED Certification.


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