Conventional Vs. High Performance Buildings

Learn the difference between a High-Performance Building & a building built through conventional means

Cost and Performance Comparison of Conventional Vs. High Performance Buildings

When addressing the differences between Conventional and High-Performance Buildings, there are numerous significant distinctions. Regarding costs, a High-Performance or green building may initially cost 15% to 30% more than its conventional counterpart. This cost is influenced by the extent of conservation methods planned during the pre-design stage of building construction and the level of certification aimed for in the corresponding high-performance building. However, such buildings can yield savings of approximately 20% to 30% in operational costs, 10% to 20% in maintenance costs, and 10% in life cycle costs, respectively.

Key Aspects of High-Performance Buildings

Some of the key aspects of a High-Performance Building include the following:

  • Health

Due to the adjustment of the building’s orientation with the natural environment, it allows for natural ventilation and sunlight to enter the building. This improves occupant well-being and enhances productivity. The building is also constructed with certified green materials to prevent the likelihood of ailments due to material off-gassing.

  • Comfort

High-performance buildings are optimally designed in harmony with the natural environment to ensure that occupants are thermally, acoustically, and visually comfortable while conducting their daily tasks.

  • Efficiency

As mentioned, such buildings are designed to achieve savings, particularly through energy, water, and resource conservation measures that are implemented.

  • Technical Soundness

High-performance buildings have pre-established systems in place to ensure that all measures and building components are properly integrated. This is typically achieved through digitalization of the building’s systems.


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