Green Building Standards & Certification

Get an understanding of the different certifications used for different green building certifications

Green Building Evolution: Sustainability and Synergy

Over the years, there has been a shift towards the emergence of Green Buildings, defined as sustainable structures optimizing resource use more efficiently than conventional buildings. These structures offer a range of benefits, including improved human well-being, enhanced productivity, reduced resource consumption, and better synergy between natural and urban environments. Green buildings prioritize environmental standards, considering their lifecycle impact to enhance social, environmental, and economic performance.

Sustainability Benefits of Green Building Development

Green building development holds the potential to significantly decrease carbon emissions in the construction industry. By encouraging green practices, procurement, and construction, it transforms the industry’s dynamics and attracts low carbon emission developments. Buildings meeting Green Building Standards have proven to cut greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption by 50%, resulting in 25% lower operational costs and nearly 30% higher user satisfaction than conventional buildings. Despite slightly higher upfront costs, a life cycle cost analysis shows that green-standard buildings are more cost-effective in the long run.

Global Green Building Certification Standards

When buildings adhere to international green building standards, they can attain Green Building Certification, indicating compliance with environmentally friendly practices. BREEAM Certification, established in 1990 by the UK’s Building Research Establishment, paved the way for global standards. Subsequent certifications, including LEED in the U.S. and Green Globes in Canada, were inspired by BREEAM but adapted to their contexts. Despite global recognition for LEED, BREEAM maintains the highest standards. Here, we outline key features of the widely recognized LEED Certification.

Figure 01

LEED Certification A. Award Scoring Categories, B. Types of Accreditation & C. Scorecard Categories

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