Energy Transition Policies & Standards

Understanding the current policies & standards to smoothen the Energy Transition Process

Driving Forces of Energy Transition

In the contemplation of Energy Transition, nations are motivated by a myriad of factors necessitating such endeavors. These driving forces encompass the country’s commitment to addressing climate change, advancements in technology, and the evolution of innovative technologies capable of enhancing energy efficiency. The undertaking of an energy transition not only fosters economic competitiveness but also fortifies energy security, yielding various direct and indirect impacts, as delineated below:

Table 01

Direct & Indirect Influences of Energy Transition on different countries

Policy Impacts on Energy Transition Strategies

As initiatives are undertaken in the realm of Energy Transition, it is imperative that these activities align with the prevailing rules and regulations of the country. Nations have an array of policies and measures that significantly impact the formulation of energy transition strategies. These policies encompass, among other considerations, tax benefits, waivers, grants, incentives, and various other advantages. The following are illustrative examples of such policies:

Table 02

Different Policies used by countries to manage energy transition strategies


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