Impact of Climate Change & Global Warming

Climate Change is a serious topic & has been the main subject of discussion in international panels

Decoding Climate Change: Understanding Causes and Global Initiatives

When discussing the notion of Climate Change, there needs to be a better understanding of the point sources of these drastic variations in climate. Changes from the norms of these climate periods are usually the result of an increase in emissions into the atmosphere. The release of these emissions and the rise in air pollution act as a precursor for climate change and poor air quality (Akhtar & Palagiano, 2018).

From a simplistic point of view, the change in climate is a function of the exchange of energy entering and leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. Solar energy that manages to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere is absorbed into the Earth and re-emitted back as heat. Certain gases in the atmosphere retain and slow down the loss of heat into space, thereby increasing the overall temperature. These gases are referred to as Greenhouse Gases (GHG), and due to an increase in human activities, such gases have risen in the atmosphere, resulting in an increase in Earth’s atmospheric temperature (Ramakrishnan & McNutt, 2020).

Figure 01

A representation of the Greenhouse Effect

Decoding Climate Change: Understanding Causes and Global Initiatives

As shown in the chart below, considering the available data during the specified period, there was an incline in global GHG emissions, with a 5.4% drop in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the anticipated return to pre-COVID levels and the expected increase in emissions in the years to come, initiatives to countermeasure these emissions have gained global importance (Kuramochi, den Elzen, Fransen, & Peters, 2021).

Figure 02

Global GHG Emissions from all Sources [ LULUCF – land use, land-use change and forestry]

Figure 03

Global GHG Emissions from all Sources [ LULUCF – land use, land-use change and forestry]


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