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What is Commissioning ?

A methodical process of testing an existing facility's systems & equipment, to make sure they are still functioning according to the original design intent, or to adjust any deviation from the original design.

What is Recommissioning ?

It is an inclusive and systematic process applied regularly on existing buildings, especially if the building performance degrades significantly or if it was not properly commissioned. It aims not only to optimize how individual equipment or systems operate, but also to optimize how the systems function together.​

Complications of Incomplete Commissioning

There are a plethora of issues that may arise from an incomplete, or an uninitiated, commissioning process. Such issues can include

  • Malfunctioning equipment & sensors
  • Lower standards of comfort & Internal Environmental Quality (IEQ)​
  • Major Optimization Issues and High Energy Wastage
  • High Operations and Maintenance costs including Lower equipment lifecycle
  • Systematic problems in buildings operations ​

Why is Recommissioning Important ?

The recommissioning process is an important activity to commence on any construction of any age due to the following reasons

  • Discover life safety issues following initial construction and turnover
  • Identify malfunctioning equipment and sensors
  • Identify reasons causing unacceptable indoor air quality
  • Identify control optimization issues, such as sub-optimal chilled water supply temperatures​
  • Identify schematic problems in building operation, such as simultaneous heating & cooling ​

Commissioning Market Status (UAE, estimates 2020)(1)

Research shows that around 25% of Buildings complete the commissioning process whereas 75% of most constructions do not complete nor initiate the commissioning process

The Recommissioning Process

The Recommissioning process is simple & can be conducted in four simple steps .

Project kickoff & data gathering
Data review & commissioning goal definition
Commissioning scope finalization
Commissioning plan initiation & supervision
Data analysis & documentation
Training & reporting

Our recommissioning process service can guarantee the following

Operations & Maintenance Systems Improvements
System Functionality Improvements
Building Efficiency Improvements
Proper training for staff members to operate building assets

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