Digitalization of a renowned Hospitality Company

See how Ark Energy integrated their innovative platform to support a renowned hospitality company

Low Delta-T assessment for a building in Dubai

Observe how Ark Energy resolved the Delta-T issue present in a local building in Dubai

Recommissioning of a Residential Building in Dubai Marina​

See how we conduct our re-commissioning works at Ark Energy

Residential Building Thermal Cooling Load Assessment

An overview on an assessment done on a residential building based in Dubai Investment Park 1

BTU Submetering of a Residential Building in Dubai Marina​

Take a look at how Ark Energy resolved the issues faced by the BTU operator & tenants

Energy Export Procedure for a Dairy Farm

Understand how Net Metering & Wheeling can beneficial Understand how Net Metering & Wheeling can beneficial

Interior Fitting Company

See how we secure investment for this solar project resulting in a reduction of 70% energy consumption

Solar Proposal for a Water Bottler Manufacturing Company

Have a look at our proposal structure that guarantees that the project would result in a saving of 720,000 USD annually & 30% energy consumption reduction

Energy Efficiency Retrofit of an Iconic Multi-Use Building in DIFC

Our technical team services diverted around 3 million AED worth of penaltiess and resulting in annual saving of that said amount

Energy Efficiency Retrofit and O&M Digitalization for a District Cooling Plant in DIP

Our technical expertise led to the annual saving of around 3 Million AED & resulted in around 10% energy consumption reduction

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