Green Building Standards & Certification

Get an understanding of the different certifications used for different green building certifications

Typical challenges in an Energy Efficiency Retrofit Project

With the activity of an energy efficiency retrofit, there are a few challenges faced

Universal Steps to Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Get a better understanding of the steps involved in an Energy Efficiency Retrofit

Energy Efficiency, the First Response to Energy Security

We understand the importance of Energy Efficiency and its role in overall Energy Security We understand the importance of Energy Efficiency and its role in overall Energy Security

The Embodied Energy of High-Performance Buildings

Understand the different forms of energy involved the design & construction of a building

The benefits of High-Performance Buildings on Indoor Comfort

High performance buildings have a plethora of benefits that can improve the occupant’s well-being & health

Conventional Vs. High Performance Buildings

Learn the difference between a High-Performance Building & a building built through conventional means

Thermal Cooling Load Simulation and Building Information Modeling

Explore the most recent trends and insights pertaining to technologies addressing Thermal Load Assessment.

The Importance of Commissioning & Re-Commissioning

Recognizing the Significance of Performing Commissioning and Recommissioning Activities.

Low Delta-T Syndrome, what is it?

Challenges related to Low Delta-T Syndrome lead to numerous inefficiencies and a subsequent rise in energy costs.

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