Our Story

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Our Story

The Inspiration & Founding of Ark Energy

Our Founder, Aref Abou Zahr, established the TAQATI Program & ran it for three years within the United Arb Emirates. The focus was on Dubai, as they collaborated mainly with governmental institutions but also with some private sector actors to encourage them to benefit from the Dubai programs for water & electricity. Its goal was based on the Dubai Energy Strategy to manage the demand on energy that aims to reduce the demand on energy by 30% per year.

During his stay at Takati, it was apparent that the private sector was not utilizing these strategies to reduce their electricity & water consumption, as well as generates savings. There was a need in the market for such strategies, yet most major companies did not know how to implement such strategies initially. Through our founder’s years of experience in the field, this need was met.

During the late 2018, our founder stablished Ark Energy


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