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Over the last years, the production of energy was relying most on the fossil fuels causing major environmental and economic crisis​.Alternatively, the industry is shifting into renewables to produce clean energy as they protect the environment & brings closer to the goal of achieving sustainability. Around 40% of renewable energy used is solar which is the use of photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight to electricity directly connected network and metered.

Global fossil fuel over-consumption over the long-term leads to its scarcity and increase of its cost. It is essential to evaluate options of renewable resources

The average carbon dioxide emissions for 1 Megawatt of generated electricity is 470 kg

Due to uncontrolled conditions, fuel prices keeps on fluctuating, leading to a high cost of electricity

Business Case, & Solar potential
Business Case, & Solar potential
Tendering, Funding & Contract Execution
Detailed Eng. & Design & Procurement
Installation and Commissioning Supervision
M&V of Savings & Performance Assurance

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Energy Transition Services

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Energy Transition Services

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