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Thermal Cooling Load Assessment

Through our exhaustive modeling systems, we can will help in estimating the accurate declared load and the cooling energy distribution

TCL Assessment

There are instances where the customer’s cooling demand load, or Demand Load, is not reflected from the actual consumption in the building, often due to open spaces. In this instance there may have been an improper design load adapted to the building’s original design. This would be in a demand that exceeds the design demand of the HVAC system & hence results in extra unnecessary costs to district cooling plants

  • 40%

    of HVAC equipment are oversized by more than 25% at design stage
  • 20%

    increase in energy consumption is caused by overestimated HVAC consumption
Causes of improper demand load
  • Design
    Improper calculation of the building’s cooling load requirements
  • Operation
    Change in operational setpoints compared to design intent
  • Maintenance
    Faulty HVAC equipment which lead to over-consumption
Causes of Low Delta-T syndrome
  • Improper distribution of cooling loads across the chilled water network
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Unnecessary payment of demand load to district cooling provider
Data Gathering & Preliminary Energy Assessment (PEA)
Walk-Through Energy Audit (WTA)
Data Synthesis, Consolidation and IES Energy Modelling
Outcome Report & Review with Executive Team
Building Retrofit Project

Thermal Cooling Load Assessment projects can lead to 20-40% savings while maintaining cash reserves. Our service guarantee the following

Structured, streamlined & process driven project delivery approach
Accurate & conclusive cooling load simulations​
Negotiation of contracted load with district cooling provider​


Modelling & Simulation


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Energy Transition Services

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Energy Transition Services

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