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Third party measurement & verification of energy savings

We provide third party measurement & verification services to guarantee that you are on the right track


The Measurement & Verification Phase is a key issue faced by clients. It is an essential step in every energy efficiency & solar project to ensure that all energy saving measures are implemented effectively

Common Issues during M&V Periods

Lack of technical knowledge of the M&V formulas & the regression modeling methodology
Lack of ownership of M&V reports
Lack of experience in assessing the adjusted baseline , static factors, routine or nonroutine adjustments
Lack of capability to identify discrepancies or engage the ESP in a rational dispute on energy savings
Lack of proper M&V Reporting

Ark’s Solution to Mitigate Issues

  • Select the right M&V Option depending on the retrofit plan
  • Utilize our proprietary M&V model to develop adjusted baseline regressions
  • Identify and validate independent variables to minimize model uncertainty
  • Capture independent variables datasets from trusted market sources
  • Back-test the M&V model using historical data
  • Assess static factors and quantify their impact
  • Monthly Energy Savings report evaluation
  • Quarterly/Annual Energy Savings Audit
  • Digitalized Measurement and Verification of savings with automated There features would be reporting (arkEMIS), Click Here to learn more

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