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BTU Submetering of a Residential Building in Dubai Marina​

Take a look at how Ark Energy resolved the issues faced by the BTU operator & tenants

Background Story

The Client owns a 43-storey residential building located at Dubai Marina, Dubai which comprises of mixed two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments as well as penthouses.

Based on information provided from the Client’s end, there was previously no chilled water sub-metering infrastructure set in place. The Client absorbed the full building’s cooling consumption cost, which was then distributed to the tenants in a form of service charge based on the unit floor area​

The Client engaged Ark Energy to supervise the design, procurement, rollout and commissioning of BTU submeters for every tenant space in order to rationalize cooling energy consumption, allocate cooling costs accurately, and reduce delays in service-charge collections​


During the induction of the project, the main challenge was to assess the cost levers which will go into the BTU Service charges. The Cost Levers affected by the BTU project were divided into two categories. With regards to this project, there were two categories:

Main Objective

The main goal of this project was to show the Client the impact that a proper BTU Submetering system would present through a Cost Benefit analysis, comparing the baseline costs with the costs in the scenario where a BTU submetering system is commissioned​


As an initial step, the cost benefit analysis was conducted to present to the Client the saving possibilities that are present for the tower at hand. The  Cost / Benefit analysis indicated that the Tower had the potential to save 126,000 AED in cooling consumption by installing BTU Submeters​, as shown below:

Figure 01

Forecasted annual cost savings (in AED), based on data from 2020, post BTU Submetering system implementation

Table 01

Outcomes of the feasibility study

Table 02

A table of different billing scenarios

Based on Ark Energy’s financial model simulations, and from the scenarios mapped out for different billing options, the final recommendation was to go ahead with the project and install BTU submeters, while choosing Option 3 for the Billing Collection system, which includes the following:​

  • Energy Cost Recovery​
  • AMCs Recovery​
  • Contingency Cost Recovery for HVAC Network and Chiller Plant


The results that were generated from the project include the following:

  • Empowering tenants of 85% of their cooling costs
  • 99% Bill Collection Rate through optimized means & increased customer satisfaction
  • Immediate faulty HVAC System detection & remote troubleshooting

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