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Thermal Cooling Load Assessment for a Business Centre

An overview on an assessment done on a Business Centre based in Al Fujairah

Background Story

The client owns a business center located in Al Fujairah, comprising a hotel, offices, apartments, and a mall. The building in question has a conditioned floor area of 75,421 m². To ensure that the building’s cooling requirements are met, the client was eager to assess the variance between the designed cooling load and the actual load.

Consequently, the client engaged Ark Energy to develop and implement a comprehensive program to conduct a meticulous, process-driven assessment of the cooling load. The goal was to illustrate the variance between the intended design load and the actual load required. Upon evaluating this difference, the client aimed to present the data to the local District Cooling Operator to establish grounds for revising the Declared Load.

Main Objective

The primary objective of this activity was to ascertain the variance between the specified cooling load and the simulated cooling load assessed using the HAP Software. This analysis relied on data capture, site visits, and reports provided by the client to ensure the accuracy of the outcome. It aimed to provide the client with optimal thermal load estimates to present to the District Cooling Provider.


As illustrated below, a plan was formulated to guarantee the accurate assessment of the cooling load. Throughout the analysis, the total cooling load was computed using design conditions, architectural drawings, and considering both internal and external loads of the building. The worst-case scenario was considered concerning ambient temperature, occupancy, lighting, and appliance schedules.

Table 01

Overall plan conducted for the Thermal Cooling Load Assessment for this building


The analysis revealed the following findings:

  • The load was 7.3% lower than the load specified with the District Cooling Operator
  • An assessment of the declared load was furnished
  • Additional insights were gained into further potential reductions
  • Our assessment highlighted the presence of low – Delta T syndrome, which needs to be addressed

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