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Digitalization of a renowned Hospitality Company

See how Ark Energy integrated their innovative platform to support a renowned hospitality company

Background Story

As a major player in the hospitality industry, the client has taken the initiative to proceed with a solution to monitor and manage their energy consumption in facilities located in Jumeirah Beach Residences and Downtown, Dubai. The client is eager to explore potential energy savings opportunities to prevent the wastage of scarce energy resources due to inefficiencies across their facilities.

The client has approached Ark Energy to digitize their energy management, monitoring energy performance, providing data analytics to optimize energy consumption, enabling automated energy and measurement & verification reporting (IPMVP), and integrating the energy management system into the BMS to avoid any data manipulation and store data indefinitely


Some of the issues that were of concern include the following:

  1. Adopting a cloud-based energy management software globally is still a challenge for large organizations due to cyber threats
  2. Lack of technological awareness and apprehensions regarding privacy and security have raised a number of concerns for the end customers, thereby hindering global adoption

Main Objective

The focus of this activity was to integrate an energy management system that would tackle the following Client needs:

  1. Monitors energy performance of equipment with machine learning
  2. Provides data analytics essential to optimize energy consumption
  3. Provides energy management consulting support to identify savings potential
  4. Provides user-specific interface and smooth experience of dashboards & reports
  5. Enables automated energy and measurement & verification reporting (IPMVP)
  6. Verifies data quality and validates communication with field sensors
  7. Integrates into BMS to avoid any data manipulation and stores data indefinitely

Through Digitalization of Energy Management with Machine Learning analytics, the Client can monitor and manage their energy consumption and improve asset reliability


Ark Energy developed and follows a proprietary methodology to connect, customize and Go-Live. Below would describe the tasks done within the activity.

From the initial assessment, Ark Energy identified 75 essential preliminary data points with an option to integrate up to 500 data points based on a digitalization assessment and Client’s preferences


Table 01

Tasks done within this Digitalization Act

Table 02

Sample of the critical data points detected

A proprietary universal gateway with a data-capture API was integrated with BMS to collect and push data to arkEMIS, linking sensor data and combining all sites on a single unified platform. Through UX/UI customization, Ark Energy ensured that their platform, arkEMIS, was tailored for a user-friendly and highly dynamic interface to visualize KPIs and key business metrics. To ensure proper data governance, and in collaboration with input from the client’s end, the suggested access rights were provided and implemented.

Table 03

Suggested Access Rights provided by Ark Energy ensure that the right data reaches the right person while maintaining proper security


The results that were generated from the project include the following:

  1. One unified platform for all facilities, OEM-independent
  2. Live Energy dashboard and data capture and visualization available anytime, anywhere, on any device with customized user experience
  3. Meters and sensors condition assessment, and data quality validation
  4. Independent and automated measurement and verifications of energy savings based on IPMVP standards
  5. State-of-the-art data analytics functionalities (including efficient operations simulations) to enable ISO50001
  6. Automated notifications, alarm triggers, anomalies and drift detection
  7. Automated root-cause analysis and work orders with AI capability
  8. Amazon Web Services hosting with state-of-the-art cyber security

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