Typical challenges in an Energy Efficiency Retrofit Project

With the activity of an energy efficiency retrofit, there are a few challenges faced

Common Challenges in Energy Efficiency Retrofit Implementation

The implementation of energy efficiency retrofit projects faces recurring issues before, during, and after execution. Despite the pursuit of net-zero targets, organizations face challenges even with innovative solutions.

Project Cost

Insufficient organizational alignment on potential retrofit outcomes leads to a lack of confidence in potential savings compared to overall costs. Clients with limited funds or no investor access might opt for quick, inexpensive solutions, leading to less impact, or decide to skip upgrades and keep the facility as it is.

Key Performance Indicator Awareness

Clients expressing interest in a retrofit project may lose confidence if they lack assurance in the measured key performance metrics. The absence of clear measures or a variety of success metrics creates uncertainty, making decisions about energy conservation measures unclear.

Incentive Structure

When deciding on implementation, clients need a compelling incentive. This often involves financial benefits, such as reducing utility costs and optimizing facility performance through innovative technologies.

Lack of Technical & Legal Knowledge

Clients lacking technical understanding or staff familiar with energy efficiency measures may hesitate to proceed. This uncertainty extends to legal aspects, as a lack of comprehension in project-related legal structures affects confidence in engaging with legal or procurement activities associated with energy efficiency projects.

Constrained Resource or Bandwidth

Even if clients possess the required knowledge and labor to review and supervise the overall execution process of a retrofit project, they may face bumps in the road by having limited human or material resources in terms of capacity, availability and convenience, which makes them not able to match the desirable demand to carry on such projects.

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